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21 Virtues - The Path Of The Spiritual Warrior

The Path Of The Spiritual Warrior

Created by Jock Brocas Exponential Spiritual Coach • 48 episodes

21 Virtues - The Path Of The Spiritual Warrior

You can be the most successful person in the material world, you can be famous, a millionaire, or you can be the greatest voice. No matter who you are, whether you are a leader, CEO, entrepreneur or an individual who just feels lost in life. If you are spiritually lost, then none of your successes matter. Your life has no meaning without your relationship to yourself, the divine and your purpose.

21 Virtues brings the wisdom of the warriors to help sow seeds of transformation in your mind, body and soul. Listen to conversations with visionaries with real purpose and real experience to help you awaken the greatness within you. This is 21 Virtues, the path of the warrior.

Blending Divine spiritual law with real-life actionable lessons, tips, and discussions to help you succeed in any area of your life, hosted by a seasoned Entrepreneur, Author, Spiritual Business Coach, and Spiritual Teacher. Jock Brocas.

Meet the Host

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Jock Brocas

    Jock Brocas is a distinguished spiritual guide, acclaimed author, and the dynamic host of the "21 Virtues Podcast". His teachings focus on spiritual warriorship, a journey of inner strength and enlightenment. A seasoned expert in the fields of spirituality, healing, and psychology, Jock enlightens his listeners by skillfully weaving these disciplines into a cohesive and actionable pathway towards personal growth and spiritual valor. His empathetic approach, coupled with his ability to demystify intricate spiritual concepts, has cemented his place as a go-to resource for those striving to become spiritual warriors in their own right.